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What is Laser Dentistry?

If you are interested in a new, modern, and innovative approach to dental care, consider Laser Dentistry. When you visit our office, your smile is our top priority. Our goal is to keep you relaxed, and healthy. To achieve this, the High Ridge Family Dental would like to introduce our new revolutionized in-office technology. Fotona Lightwalker Dental Laser.

Fotona Lightwalker is an award-winning dental laser system, leading the world of modern dentistry. We use laser dentistry to treat our patients’ dental health in a most comfortable and gentle care you deserve.

By performing Laser Dentistry, it can replace the dental drills and scalpels, eliminating pressure and vibrations that make the patients uncomfortable. Heat, vibration and pressure are the primary cause of pain associated with the use of the traditional dental drill.

In addition, the laser technology lets us target specific area of your mouth more accurately while leaving the surrounding areas unaffected. This reduces trauma, bleeding, swelling and post-operative pain.

Laser Treatments vs. Traditional Dental Drilling
The high speed drills can cause a hairline fractures in teeth that can lead to future dental problems. The Fotona Lightwalker can greatly reduce trauma to the healthy portions of the tooth resulting to a faster recovery time.

Eliminate Periodontal Disease without Anesthesia!
In the past, periodontal (gum) surgery was usually difficult and painful. It requires multiple office visits and plenty of recovery time. With the evolution of laser technology, it has made it possible to treat gum disease quickly and effectively. This light energy treats the infected area by reducing the bacteria associated with the disease, without the use of scalpels, sutures, and with a more sterilized environment.

Laser Dentistry Applications:

Cavity preparation and disinfection
Periodontal Treatment (gum therapy and surgery)
Soft tissue (cold sores, herpes, biopsy, frenectomy, gingivoplasty)
Endodontics (root canals)
Photobiomodulation (TMJ, imporve healing)
Analgesis (numbling before treatment)


A non-surgical path to a better night’s sleep, call today for details!

  • Most procedures performed without numbing (reduces the need for “shots”)
  • Minimally invasive
  • Reduced pain, swelling, and need for medication
  • Relaxed, smooth, and pricise